BB Social Dining

BB Social Dining

On the Pass

Alexander Stumpf

What’s the story? An ode to Eastern cuisine created by co-founder and executive chef Alex Stumpf, BB Social Dining is set in a quiet corner of Dubai’s bustling financial district in a space formerly occupied by an art gallery.

Where should I sit? Laid out like a townhouse stacked across three floors, each enclave has its own atmosphere whether you’re in the open plan dining room, heading up the spiral staircase to the cosy lounge bar or dining under the stars in the garden.

Good vibes: Surrounded by fine dining restaurants and renowned imported concepts, BB stands out from the crowd with a come-as-you-are, pull-up-a-seat-by-the-bar ethos and intuitive service style that makes the space warm and welcoming despite the sleek, slightly industrial interiors.

Plant-powered: This concept’s inclusive approach also extends to its price point and its menu, which features a wide variety of dishes that cater to vegetarians and vegans while being equally palate-pleasing to meat eaters. Among the items on the menu – divided into baos, bites, bowls and BBQ – the chestnut bao, filled with a mushroom and chestnut croquette and topped with a truffle sauce and dried mushrooms, is a standout dish.